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Super Nu-Thera® has been one of Kirkman's most popular products since its introduction in 1967. 

The original formula was developed by Kirkman® at the urgent request of a researcher, the late Dr. Bernard Rimland, who believed that a multivitamin with high vitamin B-6 and magnesium content could benefit certain individuals who had dietary or environmental sensitivities.

Dr. Rimland approached many manufacturers to develop the product but as he told it, only Kirkman® was interested.

Dr. Rimland believed that the special formula used in Super Nu-Thera® could help a poor nutritional profile, a common problem among individuals who had sensitivities to certain foods or special dietary restrictions and/or requirements.  Symptoms of individuals with poor nutritional profiles included: 

     •  vision abnormality
     •  unhealthy skin conditions
     •  extreme tiredness or lack of energy
     •  behavioral disturbances
     •  failure to thrive
     •  frequent illness

Dr. Rimland believed that poor nutrition was contributing to many childhood health concerns and in particular,  compounding heath problems for victims of environmental sensitivities or damage.  
The original Super Nu-Thera® was a powder that did not taste good but even though it was difficult for individuals to take, especially children, it quickly became Kirkman's best selling product.  Today's Super Nu-Thera® is good tasting and is offered a wide variety of forms that include powders, capsules, caplets and liquids.