Nutritional Starter Pack

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Nutritional Starter Pack

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Vegetarian Capsules

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A powerful nutritional pack for those who need basic supplementation.



If you are new to supplementation — you will want to know where to start. We suggest that you start supplementation under the supervision of a medical doctor who specializes in the care of individuals with sensitivities. Many doctors have recommended that our customers begin supplementation with a goal of correcting a poor nutritional profile. Kirkman’s starter pack contains products designed to begin this process. Every individual’s nutritional profile is unique so adjustments may be necessary.
Our starter pack contains four products. They are:

    • Kirkman’s Thera Response Capsules - Hypoallergenic (Product #: 0300-180), a broad-spectrum multi-
      vitamin/mineral complex to supplement vitamins and minerals.
    • Kirkman’s Pro-Bio™ Gold Capsules - Hypoallergenic (Product #: 0442-060), a probiotic to support the
      gastrointestinal system,
    • Nordic Naturals®, Pro DHA™ Capsules (Product #: 8815-090), an essential fatty acid product that supports
      a range of critical body functions,
    • Kirkman’s Calcium with Vitamin D Powder (Product #: 0036-008), an essential mineral that is needed daily
      by the body.
Thera Response
Thera Response is Kirkman’s proprietary blend of vitamins and minerals that has been specifically formulated for the particular profile of Kirkman’s largest customer group. It is less potent in vitamin B-6 than Kirkman’s Super Nu-Theras but still offers good potencies in the other nutrients it contains.
Thera Response includes: vitamin A as acetate and beta carotene, vitamins B-1, B-2, B-6 and methyl B-12, buffered Vitamin C, Vitamin D and Vitamin E; a good range of trace minerals including magnesium, selenium, chromium, molybdenum, iodine, zinc, iron and more; folinic acid, choline, pyridoxal 5-phosphate (P-5-P) and the mineral factor lithium. Thera Response is a hypoallergenic formulation designed for those with special dietary requirements and sensitivities. Its particular combination of ingredients makes it an outstanding product for supporting a good nutritional profile.
Kirkman’s Pro-Bio Gold™
Kirkman’s Pro-Bio Gold™ hypoallergenic capsule formulation is our best-selling probiotic blend. This product was particularly designed for individuals with special requirements and sensitivities. It offers broad-spectrum, high-strength coverage.
Our proprietary formulation is a comprehensive probiotic containing six strains of microorganisms that are beneficial and crucial for "total coverage" of the small and large intestinal tracts. These strains work synergistically to support gastrointestinal (GI) and genitourinary health.
Pro-Bio Gold™ is a combination of the most important "resident" and "transient" microorganisms that contribute to maintaining and promoting a healthy GI tract.
Nordic Naturals® ProDHA™
Nordic Naturals® ProDHA™ is an advanced essential fatty acid formula that delivers 580 mg of omega-3s, including 450 mg DHA and 90 mg EPA in each 2 soft gels serving*.
Providing 450 mg of DHA makes it the ideal omega-3 supplement for eye development and brain and nervous system support. DHA has been shown clinically to be necessary for proper eye and brain development. Infant formulas are now supplemented with DHA for that reason.
This Nordic Naturals® product is made from only the purest and highest quality fish oil in the world. Essential fatty acids can not be produced by the body and must be obtained in the diet, therefore, individuals on special diets are often deficient in essential fatty acids which are important for many bodily functions including nerve transmission; pressure regulation in the eye, joints and blood vessels; division of cells (growth and healing processes); response to pain and swelling, muscle reflexes; oxygen transport from cells to tissues; maintaining health of cell membranes, supporting immune response; and providing energy to the heart muscle.
Calcium with Vitamin D Powder - Unflavored - Hypoallergenic
Calcium is important in infant and child development. It plays many important roles in the body so that inadequate amounts of calcium in the body can cause numerous adverse health issues. It is difficult to get enough calcium through the normal diet and those on a dairy-free diet find it nearly impossible to get the recommended 800-1000 mg per day without supplementation.
This mineral is the major constituent of bones and teeth. More than 98% of the body’s calcium is found in those structures. In the rest of the body, calcium supports heart function, circulation, nerve function and muscle tone.
We recommend Kirkman’s Calcium with Vitamin D Powder for calcium supplementation in the starter pack because it is essentially tasteless and contains vitamin D, which increases the absorption of calcium. Kirkman’s Calcium with Vitamin D Powder is a hypoallergenic that is specifically formulated for individuals with special requirements and sensitivities. It mixes easily in food or beverages and can be used in baking at moderate temperatures. It has been successfully incorporated into cookies, pancakes, muffins and other baked goods; however, some of the vitamin D content may be lost if used in baking.

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