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Scientific Background

There is mounting scientific data emerging that links many health conditions to environmental elements present in the world. 

Environmental pollutants can affect the body in numerous ways.  Natural body defense mechanisms such as immune system response can be bombarded with these insults, thereby becoming less effective because of toxic load.  This can lead to chemical or heavy metal poisoning.  Furthermore, biochemical pathways may be altered, leading to abnormal body responses, and genetic makeup can change how individuals actually develop leading to potential health problems including abnormal growth and/or development.  Some of these potential changes can be immediate, while others may take years to manifest

The frequency of many of these health problems is increasing, which leads to further speculation that outside environmental causative factors are involved.  Included in the list of environmental insults that can affect human health are:

•  toxic chemicals;

•  heavy metals;

•  pesticides;

•  bacteria;

•  mold;

•  yeast;

•  allergens.

Another area of intense research is how environmental factors affect the genetic makeup of an individual. There are may genes in our body that are considered “environmentally responsive,” which means that they can be altered by environmental factors.

If you alter a gene’s makeup, the potential exists for changing the normal development of a person. Some of these changes can be immediate and some may take many years to manifest.
Dr. Kenneth Bock
“Genetics alone don’t cause epidemics . . . epidemics occur when genetic vulnerabilities are assaulted by environmental changes; introductions of a new virus, a new bacteria, or a new toxin.”
Kenneth Bock, M.D.
From Healing the New Childhood Epidemics
Random House, 2007