Frequently Asked Questions

Kirkman Kleen Kirkman Kleen
Q-How are Kirkman Kleen™ products different than other "green" biodegradable products available?
A-Kirkman Kleen™ is the first and only product line specially designed to protect The body from negative environmental effects such as common allergens, harsh chemicals, and toxins. What "green" products do for our water and air sources, Kirkman Kleen™ does for the body. Kirkman Kleen™ goes beyond "green" which really focuses on being safe for our environment. Kirkman Kleen™ products are formulated with the safest ingredients available for personal use.
Q-Why are Kirkman Kleen™ products important to me?
A-There is mounting scientific data emerging that links many health conditions to environmental elements present in the world.  Negative environmental factors have been implicated in gastrointestinal system conditions, the health of the immune system and a myriad of other medical irregularities.
Q-What are environmental insults which can affect disease states?
A-Toxic chemicals, heavy metals, PCB's, pesticides, air contaminants and water impurities.
Q-How can Kirkman Kleen™ products help?
A-Our homes can become environmentally toxic which puts a toxic load on the body's immune system response.
Q-How are Kirkman Kleen™ cleaning products different than other products I may use?
A-They are free of toxic chemicals, allergens, dyes, brighteners, perfumes and carcinogens, and leave no toxic residues on clothes, dishes or other household surfaces.
Q-What makes homes environmentally toxic?
A- Mold, mildew, unfiltered air or water, residues from cleaning products, bacteria, chemicals in products we use for personal care and food contaminants all contribute.
Q-What makes Kirkman's personal care products unique?
A-We use only the most hypoallergenic, the safest and the purest ingredients available.
Q-How am I assured of the safety of the products?
A-Each ingredient in the personal care line has been recognized as safe by the Cosmetic Ingredient Review Expert Panel in the manner used.
Q-How am I assured the products are hypoallergenic?
A-Each product has been clinically laboratory tested to be non-irritating and free of common allergens. These testing results have been reviewed and confirmed by a licensed dermatologist and are available to consumers upon request.
Q-How are these products different from those I can buy at my drug or health food store?
A-Kirkman® has limited the number of ingredients so as to expose an individual to a minimum of substances which thereby minimizes sensitivity responses.
Q-Are Kirkman's shampoos safe for my children?
A-The shampoos are safe and have been tested for no eye sting properties by a clinical laboratory. Reports are available upon request.
Q-What are some of the ingredients other commercial personal care products contain which might best be avoided by sensitive individuals?
A-Formaldehyde releasing preservatives, sodium laurel sulfate, alcohol, titanium dioxide, glycols are a few immune system disregulating ingredients.
Q-Are these cleaning products environmentally safe?
A-Yes, all are biodegradable with no negative effects on rivers, streams, plants or wildlife.
Q-What ingredients may be present in the cleaning products I currently use which should be avoided?
A-Phosphates, chlorine, ammonia, petroleum solvents, alcohol, glycol ethers and sodium laurel sulfate are just a few which are considered EPA priority pollutants.
Q-Will these products clean as well as typical store bought products?
A-Yes, results should be equal to or better than traditional products.
Q-Are the Kirkman Kleen™ products all casein and gluten free.
A-Yes, just as all Kirkman® products are.
Q-Why is Kirkman® also selling air and water filters?
A-Household air and water are major contributors to a toxic home. Kirkman® has located what we feel are the best solutions for air and water filtration and are offering them at prices which are more competitive than most other sources of these products.
Q-Why are Kirkman Kleen™ products more expensive than regular commercial products?
A-Generally, companies use the lowest cost ingredients available so as to offer the consumer a low price. These low cost ingredients usually present toxic properties. The ingredients in Kirkman Kleen™ are selected for their hypoallergenic and non-toxic characteristics and are considerably more expensive.
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