Why Does Kirkman® Care?

Kirkman Kleen Kirkman Kleen
Many of Kirkman’s customers have dietary or other environmental sensitivities. To meet their needs, Kirkman® has always used the purest, cleanest (free of impurities, heavy metals, pesticides, and other environmental pollutants), raw materials available.

For more than two decades, Kirkman has set the bar for new product development in our industry. For example, we introduced an extensive hypoallergenic supplement line that has become the industry leader because of its unique purity and allergen free qualities.

Recently, we have been significantly influenced by the mounting scientific data regarding the effects of environmental elements on human health. As a result, Kirkman® will offer our customers a variety of new products designed to minimize the negative effects that some environmental elements may pose. This is especially important for those who already have compromised systems. The new Kirkman Kleen™ product lines offer a way of protecting your family from exogenous toxins and other harmful agents found in common personal care and household cleaning products.

Kirkman® believes that we can offer positive solutions in the areas of personal care products, healthier, non-toxic cleaning agents, air purifiers and water purifiers. We want to continue to make a difference in the continuing health of our customers and their families.
Because it matters!