Kirkman's History

Kirkman's History

Kirkman®, Serving Our Customers for more than 70 Years!

Kirkman's History

For more than 70 years, Kirkman has been a leading manufacturer of nutritional supplements for people living with dietary sensitivities. Founded in Seattle, Washington by Lyle Wellman and Bill Graham, Kirkman was sold to entrepreneur Stan Bachman in 1967 who moved the company to Portland, Oregon. Here it continues to formulate and manufacture all of its products today.

Collaboration with Dr. Bernard Rimland

In 1967, Bachman received a moving letter from Dr. Bernard Rimland. Rimland was a leading researcher, psychologist, and author. He was very influential around the idea that environmental factors affecting his patients could be managed through nutrition. He was urgently seeking a manufacturer for a specific multivitamin that he had designed for children with dietary sensitivities. Rimland believed that a particular blend of vitamins and minerals with high vitamin B6 and magnesium content would help his patients. Kirkman’s collaboration with Dr. Rimland resulted in Super Nu-Thera®, our industry-leading multivitamin for children with specific dietary needs.

Kirkman Growth and Leadership

Our collaboration with Dr. Rimland put Kirkman on a new path to collaborate with doctors, researchers, and pharmacists from all over the world to design products that meet the specific needs of our customers living with dietary sensitivities. Over the past five decades, Kirkman has developed over 400 formulations starting with foundational multivitamins and digestive health and spanning many dietary and behavioral health categories.

Ultra Tested®

In May 2011, Kirkman introduced a new standard of purity for nutritional supplements with its Ultra Tested line of products. Its purpose was to reduce environmental toxins that can cause serious health issues, especially in developing infants and children. Kirkman's Ultra Tested products are tested for environmental contaminants, including pesticides, insecticides, fungicides, herbicides, biocides, endocrine disruptors, and other harmful chemicals, far beyon FDA regulations. We continue to be in the forefront of product innovation to better serve our customers' needs.

75 Years and Going Strong

Kirkman is celebrating nearly 75 years as a manufacturer of quality supplements to support dietary sensitivities. Browse our catalog of products and start your regime of a healthy diet and supplements.