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Introducing P2i

A superior prenatal supplement for all women.

Utilizing solid scientific foundations, P2i offers comprehensive, evidence-based guidance that may significantly enhance a woman’s chances of giving birth to a full-term baby, as well as reducing typical pregnancy complications and common ailments.* This revolutionary method supports a healthier and more promising beginning for newborns.*

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Ultra tested & OBGYN Approved

Safety is Top Priority:We check every product thoroughly to make sure it is safe.
We Meet High Standards: We follow FIGO’s advice closely and make sure our products are some of the best available.
We Focus on Quality: For many years, our main goal has been to give moms the cleanest, best quality products. Our P2i Prenatal Vitamin is formulated and
manufactured to contamination levels below Proposition 65 daily consumption thresholds.

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Vital Nutrients for Mother & Baby

P2i has been extensively tested to insure the highest quality nutrients are delivered to the mother and baby during the maternity period.

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Our Mission

Helping People Live Healthy Lives

Our mission is to enhance our customers’ lives by providing pure, Ultra Tested®  supplements and being a trusted partner around their health.

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